I thought I would try something new with this blog post.  I’ve imbedded a video clip from a seminar that I have given in the past.  Let me know what you think.

This clip focuses on a very specific — and often misunderstood —  type of 5 day notice in Wisconsin called a 5 Day Notice  for gang and/or drug nuisance. 

There are only very specific instances in which a landlord is legally allowed to serve a tenant with a 5 Day Notice for Drug/Gang Nuisance — the video clip above explains when this special type of notice can be used.

A 5 Day Notices for Drug /Gang nuisance does not allow the tenant the ability to cure the breach.  Gang/Drug nuisance  notices are the only 5 day notice in Wisconsin that does not allow the tenant the opportunity to cure the breach.

Click here for a printable table that summarizes the various types of notices that a residential landlord in Wisconsin can serve on his tenant.

If you need more information on how to serve a notice on your tenant, including the 5 Day Notice for Drug/Gang Nuisance, you should refer to my earlier post on that topic.

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